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An Illusionary Inferno Like You Have Never Seen Before

antonio-headshotThis is a very intimate relationship, that began at the very young age of only 8; when I burned down my best friends backyard. I of course knew even then, that the element of Fire would change my life forever…

Possessing a newfound passion and respect for the element, I began traveling across the country teaching others, to play with Fire. I have touched and in some cases changed, many lives along the way. That of hundreds of students, of all sizes and cultures, ranging from 8-87 years in age. I was on my way to Italy when I stopped in Vegas for 3 days and have been here ever since.

The journey has thus far indeed been an incredibly, amazing experience that has taken me internationally. My greatest joy to date is in knowing, that my father, was in fact able to see me living out my dream on stage entertaining and playing with fire. He always thought this would “Lead to something bigger”

He passed away suddenly, just nearly three months after one of my first shows. Although he is unable to see just how far my dreams will take me, his strength and never ending support will live in me always. As will his ashes remain in a silver and glass amulet round my neck, forever. In loving memory and honor of my biggest fan.

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